Hello. We’re Pixel by Pixel.

We work with some of the biggest brands in the world to craft memorable digital experiences.

Even in an age of instant, global communication, it can be hard to let your business’s potential customers know that you’re best for the job in hand – that you’ve got experience to burn, testimonials by the bucketful, and are such thoroughly good company to boot.

The problem isn’t just what to say about yourself without appearing too pushy, or running the risk of a blushing undersell – it’s also how to deliver your compelling business message. How to increase awareness of your offering among the people who count.

If it isn’t your area of specialist expertise, digital marketing can prove a minefield.

Pixel By Pixel has been able to help hundreds of different businesses to reach their potential markets – to spread the word loud and clear about what they do, how well they do it, and all at surprisingly competitive prices.

We work with multinationals, sole traders and start-ups, we’ve designed and built everything from simple WordPress sites to booking systems, ordering platforms & multi-million pound e-commerce websites.

Web design and E-Commerce are our twin passions, and we’re one of Europe’s Top E-Commerce developers – so you don’t need to be.

Design. Develop. Engage.

We live, breathe & love


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By creating remarkable experiences that educate, inform, inspire & entertain your visitors, you can turn a visit into a relationship at the earliest stage.



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We started as a small design and development agency and have since grown to be one of the largest in Sussex. We can take care of every need you may have, be it bespoke eCommerce design, web design or company branding. We’ve also been known to do infographics, illustration and gorgeous design for print.

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As businesses grow, they tend to rely ever more heavily on their web presence. Before you know it, you’re looking at ways to incorporate CMS, social media, user experience, security or analytics. We can undertake the full development process from initial design and programming to finished site maintenance and SEO.

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Search & Social

Running a blog in tandem with a Twitter feed. Maintaining a Facebook page and your LinkedIn profile. Updating Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit. Then there’s Flickr. Pinterest… and, clearly, a point is soon reached where your time might be better spent attending to your core business.

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Other Services

There are certain complementary services we offer in addition to our core services. We can host websites in our own private cloud, we manage dedicated servers for some of our clients. We can also offer marketing and copywriting for sites we develop.

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April 6, 2016

Optimize your homepage

March 23, 2016 in Mobile Web, SEO

Google to boost mobile friendly rankings in May

If you haven’t made your website mobile friendly yet, you might want to get busy on that. Google has announced it is rolling out an update to mobile search results…

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March 14, 2016 in Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO

Top 5 SEO Mistakes

Over the years I’ve seen a few different SEO mistakes people make with their websites, so from all that experience here are my top tips of things to look out…

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February 23, 2016 in Blog, Content Marketing

Top 5 best blogging practices

Many business owners have questioned us if they should have a blog on their website or not. A lot of people are afraid of blogging. The truth is that there…

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February 3, 2016 in Blog, Social Media

Top 10 mistakes businesses makes on social media

We have all heard how important it is to be present on social media. If you are not using social media to market your business – there has never been a better time to get started! Once you start to investigate the various social platforms, you will find that it is far more complex then it seems. There are certain social etiquette and unwritten rules to follow. Getting started without knowing where to begin can be overwhelming, and building a network of followers needs to be planned accordingly and takes hard work and savvy planning. But don’t despair! Here are some of our tips to help get you started.

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