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We do digital so you can do business.

Even in an age of instant, global communication, it can be hard to let your business’s potential customers know that you’re best for the job in hand – that you’ve got experience to burn, testimonials by the bucketful, and are such thoroughly good company to boot.

The problem isn’t just what to say about yourself without appearing too pushy, or running the risk of a blushing undersell – it’s also how to deliver your compelling business message. How to increase awareness of your offering among the people who count.

If it isn’t your area of specialist expertise, digital marketing can prove a minefield.

Even the gaudiest new website design incorporating the wildest promises won’t achieve results if it doesn’t get seen. A huge email marketing campaign might sound irresistible, but it’s expert targeting that really brings results. And kittens aren’t necessarily right for every homepage.

That’s why Pixel By Pixel has been able to help hundreds of different businesses to reach their potential markets – to spread the word loud and clear about what they do, how well they do it, and all at surprisingly competitive prices.

Our client list includes multinationals, sole traders and start-ups, everyone from air-conditioning engineers and online cooks to a Premier League football club.

No matter what business you’re in, please do get in touch to discuss working with our digital marketing experts – professionals in web design and development, email and multimedia campaigns – so that you, too, can concentrate on what you do best.

After just three years, Pixel By Pixel’s reputation has spread to Spain and Germany, America and Australia. Our clients have described us as “incredibly clever”, “highly cost-effective” and “a pleasure to work with”. Web design and email marketing are our twin passions, and we’re among the UK’s Top 10 email marketing companies – so you don’t need to be.

Services overview:

Email Marketing:

Performance payment email:
CPA email marketing, CPL, CPC
Email data
Warm / CRM email management
List management / monetisation
Email broadcasting
Email append / data enhancement
Email creatives

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Design & development:

CMS websites
E-commerce websites
PHP development
Brochure websites
.NET development
JavaScript apps
Website maintenance
Windows development

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Search and social:

Search engine optimisation (SEO)
Paid search (PPC)
Google shopping
SEO copywriting
Link building

Social networking
Social advertising
social media marketing
Follower management
Blog creation and management

Other services

Web hosting
Dedicated servers
Logo design
Print design
Print management

Spotlight on: CPA Email Marketing

CPA stands for Cost Per Action – we send emails to opt-in prospects and you (the client) pay for the results of that campaign – Payment could be on the basis of cost per action (CPA), cost per lead (CPL), cost per click (CPC) or any other payment structure which suits your requirements.

What data do you use?

As market leaders in the CPA email marketing sector, we work with over 50 data partners across the world – online buyers, social networking sites, event attendees, members, quiz sites and many more – to deliver email campaigns on a performance payment basis.

What sets Pixel By Pixel apart from our competition?

Reach – Our network of data owners combined with our in house data, gives us tremendous reach, and the proven ability to deliver results in high volumes.
Knowledge of pricing – Our experience enables us to manage costs for our clients to deliver maximum value within budget for CPA email marketing campaigns.
Strategy – Who are we sending to? When? How often? What call to action? What fields are necessary on a landing page? All make-or-break factors for a CPA email marketing campaign.
Ongoing optimisation – Running a first class performance email campaign is not a part-time job. We work constantly on our CPA campaigns, tweaking creative, landing page, data selection, payout, monitoring traffic, conversion to sale and much more.
Transparency – the majority of our competitors operate "closed" networks, but we believe our customer transparency demonstrate our worth and builds long-term client relationships
Technology – We license the very best software available, allowing us to concentrate on what we do best. We work with Cake Marketing for all of our tracking needs, ensuring we deliver the best quality leads and tracking for our clients. Our unsubscribes are handled by Optizmo and we use several first class broadcast platforms to send out our emails.