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Social media might be one of the biggest things for your business, in the world there are around 1.4 billion Facebook users, 500 million twitter users and 500 million Google+ users. That’s an incredible amount of people that you may not be interacting with. Whilst you may think it’s easy to just post “come visit my website” and your job is done well it’s far from over.

Social Media Logos

You need to encourage people to share your content, with twitter users tweeting 500 million times a day there is a lot of information and you need to stand out from.

An example of which we can look at is in 2011 Coca cola released the following:

This is an imaginative way to get customers to interact with your brand. Interaction is the king with social media as there measuring success is very difficult but measuring interaction is easier.

A lot of brands including Tiffany & Co. (below) use social media to help their customers after a sale or to steer them into with by answering questions. It works really well when the customers feel like they are talking to real people.

Tiffany &amp Co twitter post

Although building a relationship with your customers takes time, getting there doesn’t need to take anything more than time; it can be as simple as creating an internet meme or as part of a larger advertisement push.

Now as you may well know there are hundreds of social media sites but where do you start? Well you don’t want to start all at once as if you spread yourself too thin you will look bad across the board however if you’re really good on one platform you will gain a lot more, its best to focus on one platform get a good thing going with it then worry about moving on to others. Start by using the platform you’re going to get the most impact and where you think your potential audience might be.

There is a term in marketing that any PR is good PR, this can be untrue in social. Remember you’re talking to real people and they have real reactions. A good example of this is Weetabix and a campaign for mother’s day.

Weetabix twitter post

This received a less than pleasant response from Weetabix followers:

Weetabix twitter reaction

It only takes a moment to post but it can take a lot longer to repair your reputation. So what can you do to increase your interactions? Well you could try:

Running a Q & A session

You can run Q & A Sessions on a vast majority of networking sites, a common place to host one is on Twitter, they even have a guide on how to host one.

Use humour

Smart twitter post
Smart twitter stats
I enjoy this one because it makes you want to share this and from there you reach even more people whilst keeping the customer happy.

Make it shareable

LG share twitter post

Use trends

Better yet get it to go Viral. Do you remember the Harlem Shake? A great way to get in but uncool to be late to the party. Many companies got involved, even NASA.
NASA Harlem Shake

Run a contest

Doritos ran one contest where they tweeted:

“Fancy winning a whole host of BRILL PARTY PRIZES? Simply RT to be in with a chance of winning stuff to make a #DoritosParty.”

This got retweeted 500 times in one day.

Make video / photos

Show people what your brand is, Show them who is behind the brand (the team) it’s good to see what you’re a human brand and you can then work on building relationships with your community.

Prompt a conversation.

Post things along the lines of “Today I’m going to_____” to prompt a conversation with other people.

You can even mix and match from above. I hope you found something helpful in this blog the key thing is to have fun and relax no one likes to read a robot they like to read what the people behind the brand are.

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