Importance of Emails on Mobile Devices

A report from Movable Ink found that 61% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Our own experience would agree with this – we generally see 40% of clicks coming from mobile devices and 30% of conversions – so extrapolating these back one level, 61% of opens is very believable.

This is a huge proportion of the campaign and more often than not is poorly or not at all optimised. With this comment I am talking about more than just rendering on mobile devices or responsive emails / landing pages, but form length. Form length is a huge factor in balancing quality vs volume in any lead based program. I.e. the simpler the form the higher onsite conversion however generally you see lower conversion to sale. Conversely Longer form equals less but higher converting leads.

This is commonly tested on the desktop site and then this standard is used for the mobile site. But this formula changes when applied to mobile traffic – we often see a a form around 30% shorter gives the same quality lead in terms of conversion to sale.

This makes sense if you think about it – it is generally harder work to complete a form on a mobile than a desktop. The reason a longer form converts better in general is because the person is more committed if they will complete a longer form. So with mobile generally being harder work, the same form on desktop vs mobile means a more committed mobile lead. We have found that around 30% less fields gives around the same level of “committed-ness” or conversion on the back end.

Why is this important? Firstly it means that by using a shorter mobile form you get more good quality leads from your campaign. Secondly if you are running a performance payment campaign it means the performance of the campaign is increased overall meaning you can drive the cost per lead down leading to higher profitability. Or allow the higher effective affiliate payouts to increase your volume.

60% of opens / 40% of clicks / 30% of conversions is a big piece of your campaign – improving it’s performance has a big impact on your overall campaign.

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