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Social media giant Facebook has silently been testing a new version of their platform since January 2015. Facebook at Work will be the enterprise version of the normal Facebook, with a similar interface and tools and tweaked privacy and profile settings to suit work related roles, allowing employees to create chat rooms and share documents, keeping your regular profile to be strictly about friends and family, ensuring those embarrassing drunk pictures away from your bosses feed and avoiding staff playing games during work-hours. “Even if the employee chooses to link the two accounts, there is no crossover,” Lars Rasmussen, the person in charge of the project at Facebook told TechCrunch in an interview, adding: “The content stays entirely within your personal or work Facebook.”


Some argue that this new version of the platform has already been implemented by other professional networking websites, however, the benefit of Facebook at Work is that is that a massive section of the world’s population is already used to the way Facebook functions – its tools, elements and options. Facebook will be hoping that this gets people filtering content appropriately depending on usage, thereby leading to a cleaner, better social media experience.


Facebook have already started to roll out this platform to a small group of media houses, start-ups and enterprises. The final version of this platform is expected to roll out sometime in 2016, and is expected to be free with premium features such as analytics and customer support.



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