Top 5 best blogging practices

Top 5 best blogging practices

Many business owners have questioned us if they should have a blog on their website or not. A lot of people are afraid of blogging. The truth is that there is no magic potion that will make blogging easier or faster. But blogging can be a great way to enter the social media world and create unique opportunities to get your company name out there. They are a great way of earning trust and admiration of readers by providing valuable content on a regular basis.
Business blogs have to create value and support a strategy that provides business growth. Content creation can be a challenging task, and it may seem difficult to start off with, but the more you blog, the easier it becomes. So here are some tips to help you to start writing:

1. Grab your readers attention
bloggin graphics-03This may seem like an obvious strategy, but it is much harder then you may think. Start your post off with something provocative that will make your readers want to read and learn more. Some bloggers read content that has nothing to do with their job. Why? To get a variety of sources of inspiration and understand how other bloggers and journalists cause that initial impact to grab their readers attention.


2. Be human
bloggin graphics-05Readers want to feel that the article they are reading is written by a human being – not taken from an encyclopaedia. Just because you are writing a business blog, it doesn’t mean that you can’t write it in a tone that lets your personality shine through. At the same time you should have a good sense of what your voice sounds like, and stick to it. Each author can have a different tone, but they should all pivot from one primary brand voice.


3. Help your readers
bloggin graphics-04The most successful blogs address their audience’s pain points and solve their problems, and if you write it in a more of personal way, you are more likely to be ‘heard’. The key is to stay creative and think like your users. Ask yourself: what information would help use your products more effectively or make their lives easier? Or what would entertain them? Be informative – never lecture your audience. If you are unsure, look into your analytics.


4. Be ready to take criticism
The dbloggin graphics-06ownside of putting your empathy and hard work into something you have created and put it out on the internet is that you putting a bit of ‘you’ out there, and it’s there for anyone to critique. However – not all criticism is bad. Some you should actually listen to and learn from. The important thing to remember is: opposed to the ‘offline’ world – the criticism is out there for everyone to read. So it’s an ideal time to respond in a constructive way, even if comments are rude, try and be the bigger person and turn a negative situation into something positive.


5. Don’t abandon your blog
bloggin graphics-07If you decide that you are going to blog – then start and maintain it. There is nothing worse then seeing the most recent post was from several months ago. This gives audience the impression that you may not even be in business anymore! You don’t need to blog everyday, or even every week for that matter. But set a date of when you can blog and stick to it.



We hope these basic tips have helped and inspired you! If you want some more advise, then please contact us, and we would be more then happy to get your blog started!

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