5 ways to convert social media fans into customers

5 ways to convert social media fans into customers

So you have your Social Media pages for your business set up and you have invited everyone you know to follow them. But it’s one thing to have thousands of followers; it’s another to have loyal customers. So how can you convert your social traffic into paying customers?

Here are some tips to help you get conversions from your social followers.


  1. Have high quality content

It’s not enough to have a great looking website and social media pages with great graphics, but lacking in content. Content is king, and it is how you make yourself attractive to search engines, and Google demands high quality content.

Your content can give you a better relationship with your fans. Our top tip is to look into your target audience and write on topics that may not specifically advertise your product, but will give your followers what they want – which may relate to your brand.


  1. Click-bait

The tricky part: creating a catchy headline that will give your followers a good reason to click on your content. Headlines should do two things: deliver value and pique curiosity. This can be achieved by promising by reading the content – it is going to add value to your followers life – such as offer them better health, wealth, top tips etc. Always keeping in mind who your target audience is.

Don’t forget to add an image, which will increase your click-through rate by 35%.


  1. Listen to your fans

Customers who feel valued are the most loyal and will be your best advertisers. Ask your strongest advocates to promote you and write a review on your social media page to attract more customers and build up trust.


  1. Invest in paid advertising

If you only rely on organic traffic you are going to have a low conversion rate. Investing in paid advertising doesn’t have to be expensive, and you are bringing in social media traffic that converts.


  1. Test your adverts

To ensure you are getting your desired results, you need to test everything. Your social media marketing will only succeed if you have consistently been testing it. The best way to conduct a A/B testing to yield magnificent results. It also keeps you a couple of steps ahead of your competition.

Check out this video to measure you social media traffic using Google Analytics:

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