Working at Pixel by Pixel – An interns story”

We recently had the pleasure of having 16-year-old intern Sam work in our Worthing office. As he was only with us for one week, we had the challenge of bombarding him with as much information as we could, and hope that we didn’t frighten him away. Even though each day was packed with training from each one of our departments, Sam impressed us with his skills and thirst for knowledge! Rather than us telling you how we think he performed, here is what he had to say about his experience with our team:


“I ended up with work experience at Pixel by Pixel thanks to my mum who happened to have quite a few contacts who worked in what I’m interested in and me and her created numerous emails that were sent to many companies with the hope that we’d get a response. In the end most of the companies either didn’t respond or just kindly declined. Pixel however responded and offered me a work placement which was greatly appreciated as it meant I wouldn’t have to spend the week stacking shelves or sticking labels for hours on end (like my friends).

The first day of my work experience completely blew my expectations away as for some reason I came in thinking it was going to be a boring office job. I was set up with my own PC in an office full of great, humorous people that made my experience so much better. On top of that I learnt so much about web-design and web creation and I even dabbled in creating my own logo and company which was a great experience. The only thing that I found slightly daunting was the long hours in comparison to my regular school life.                                                                 

When I came in the second day it got even better as it was a day focused on one of my biggest interests, development and coding. I spend time with multiple pro coders who had differentiating expertise and I developed further understanding of what I needed to learn and teach myself if I wanted to go into that area of work. After an introduction into what it takes to become a dev I was set up with learning some coding languages and I ended up learning more than I have when it comes to what I want to do in the future than I have in all my years at school. The hours flew by in an instant and I came to the realisation that my hours weren’t very long in comparison to others.

The third day was focused on branding and marketing and I got to talk to some very intelligent people who clearly knew and enjoyed what they did which gave me an insight into what the world of branding and marketing is and just how much it effects everything. By this point I had accepted how lucky I was to be working with such awesome and perspicacious people.

By the time day four rolled around I was prepared for pretty much anything and my task for that day revolved around SEO and PPC, Search engine optimisation and pay-per click, which I found a lot more challenging and mentally demanding than anything else previously. Even so I still managed to gain a basic understanding of each and I enjoyed creating my own website using multiple programs such as WordPress and wamp. To make the day even better Chris ordered domino’s pizza for everyone at the office which was a welcomed surprise that further cemented how lucky I was.

During the final day of the week I worked with social media and spent time chatting with Nikki over skype who explained in detail every aspect of how companies use it to gain customers and exposure. Although it seemed very complex at first the main concepts were rather simple and they just had a lot of fine details and depth to them. I also learnt how to create blog posts that are interesting to read (I hope) and applied that to my own blog post based on my experience with Pixel by Pixel.

Overall my experience with Pixel has been absolutely amazing as it has given me a lot to work towards and aim for as well as helping me understand each section of what they do. I enjoyed my time working with the team and it was a very worth-while and inspiring experience.”


Thank you for your hard work and your contagious enthusiasm Sam! We hope to see you again in the near future.

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