Pixél Go!!

As Pokemon Go fever spreads across the nation we’ve seen a multitude of local businesses cashing in and making the most of the craze. From Pokestop pubs setting off lure modules to attracted rare Pokemon to cafes offering discounts to trainers with allegiance to specific teams the goal remains the same: get customers through the door!

IMG_0008Now here at Pixel by Pixel we’ll be the first to admit that we have already gone a bit over the top with the app. With members of staff climbing over wheelie bins to catch Pikachu and going on lunch time drives around Worthing on a Pokemon safari, it’s become more than apparent that we’re addicted. But then again what do you expect from a group of tech geeks armed to the teeth with the latest phones on the market and very few social skills.

Unlike most local businesses we can’t really utilise the many adopted marketing strategIMG_6606ies like the bars and restaurant have done so well. We work with some of the biggest brands in the world and I don’t think offering the MD of a multi-million pound company a discount because he’s on team red would reflect well on us.

So what does a respectable digital agency in the centre of Worthing do to capitalise on the supercharged bandwagon that is Pokemon Go!?………….TAKE GYMS!!!

That’s right people we have got big plans to dominate the PokeGyms in and around Worthing. So be on the lookout for Pokemon trainers with either “PbP” or “Pixel” in their name, they should soon be standing tall above every gym around. Well, once we stop being beaten by spotty teenagers with Level 1800 Snorlaxes that is!

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