I do like Mondays

I do like Mondays

Mondays, eh? Oh, how we love them. The long, lazy lie-in with the newspapers, the pub lunch, a box set in the afternoon. Whoa. Hang on, that’s Sundays.

Mondays are scientifically proven to be evil. But now, you might have just one glimmer of a reason not to hate the first working day of the week quite so much.

Price-comparison site Idealo has released research showing that, for many items, Monday is the best day of the week to get low online prices. That could be good news – especially during the six-week holidays, which can be more expensive than an entry-level private jet.


Summer wish list

Idealo checked items that might feature on a family’s summer wish list games consoles, video games, trampolines, sunglasses, suitcases, barbies… you get the idea.

Idealo looked at 12 items, and buying was cheaper on Mondays or Tuesdays for the lot. The most expensive time to buy was over the weekend. Shop smartly and you could save up to 18%.

Here’s the lowdown on the summer hoedown:

  • Games consoles – 6% cheaper on a Monday than a Sunday
  • Car seats – Tuesday is cheapest; Sunday the most expensive
  • Games – Monday on average 18% cheaper than a Friday
  • Fitness trackers – Tuesday’s best; Sunday’s dearest: average price difference 8%
  • Tents – best on Mondays, most expensive Friday – average difference 8%
  • Video games – 15% cheaper on a Monday than a Saturday
  • Running shoes – Monday buying on average 4% cheaper than the weekend
  • Lawnmowers – Save 2% buying on a Monday
  • Barbecues – Thursdays will cost you 2% more than Tuesdays
  • Sunglasses – up to 17% cheaper on a Monday than a Saturday
  • Suitcases and bags – save up to 9% on a Monday
  • Trampolines – 8% cheaper on a Monday than a Sunday.

The big question

The big question is why. Well, it’s something called dynamic pricing. In the digital age, sellers can adjust their prices from one minute to the next. They can set flexible prices that change according to market demands.

That could be dictated by complex digital algorithms, or it could just mean hiking their prices when people are at home with time on their hands and not much else to do.

Hmm, let me ponder that for a nanosecond.

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