Carrying your shopping home could save your life, according to the Government’s Chief Medical Officer.

Dame Sally Davies, who’s clearly never attempted to park her car in town on a Saturday and elbow her way through the shops, has suggested that carrying bags home can help restore basic fitness.


Here at Pixel by Pixel, we obviously disagree. If Dame Sally really wants to get her heart rate up, we would respectfully point her in the general direction of those large buildings full of shiny, high-tech cardiovascular equipment, known as gyms. Or even the park.

But no. Ms Davies has a job to do and she feels that shopping bags full of peg trousers and crop-tops are the route to cardiovascular nirvana.

She says we should all make ‘little changes’ to our everyday habits, as sedentary lifestyles are one of the nation’s most pressing health problems.

Her warning comes as official figures show that just 25% of women and 33% of men do enough lifting each week to prevent muscle wastage.

Dame Sally says, “At home, I do little things that I know will make a difference, like walking to a nearby shop and carrying bags home, or even getting off the bus a stop early. When I’m at work, I try to take the stairs to my office over the lift, and not make too many trips to the biscuit tin.”

But hey, c’mon. Those little trips to the bikky tin all add up. They get you out of your armchair, away from Jeremy Kyle and into the land of the elevated heartbeat.

Discipline yourself to just one biscuit for each trip, add a few slick dance moves across the lino and you have the makings of a lung-busting, if admittedly dough-based, aerobic routine.

Saving the nation, one jammie dodger at a time.

Government guidelines recommend 20 minutes of ‘muscle-strengthening’ exercise twice a week, plus aerobic exercise. The Government suggests this could be achieved through a couple of journeys with heavy shopping, digging in the garden, or by weight-lifting or yoga.

So, ladies and gents. Get down to the shops pronto. Who knows, maybe the Top Shop carrier-bag deadlift could make it onto the 2020 Olympic programme?

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