We all like to have more cash in our bank account. But we all like shiny things with lots of bells and whistles, too. Sadly, the two are about as compatible as mice and the Cats’ Protection League. Here’s how to make your money go further online.


1 Hunt down discount codes like it’s a hobby

If you want to shop like a pro, you’ll need to delve into the world of discount codes. Simply enter your code in the marked text box and you’ll somehow magically get 10% or more taken off your order price.

But how elusive are they? Are we talking Scarlet Pimpernel? Well, no. Sometimes the store will email them to you. Failing that, you can get down and dirty on sites like Retailmenot, Ebates and Money Saving Expert. Codes abound on there like nappies at a bedwetters’ convention.

If you’re serious about codes, try a web plug-in. Download it from Ebates and you’ll get an alert about available codes on any site you’re shopping on.Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 17.15.59

2 Be a student

If you’re a student, or think you could be if the price was right, you can land some juicy deals. If you can lay your hands on a university email address, you can register at  and enjoy endless unique codes at places like ASOS, Amazon Prime, Topshop and Urban Outfitters. Pass the bong.Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 17.21.31


3 Sign up for emails and unsubscribe

Emails are a great way of getting sign-up discounts. Technically, though, you have to be a newby shopper, or at least not already have an account. Here’s the deal: you trade your email address for a single-use discount code. Now unsubscribe from the mailing list the second you’ve used the code. Or risk death by inbox.

4 Find the best returns policies

Here’s where we get really skilful. Find websites that offer free returns, order enough to meet the minimum for free shipping and then return whatever you don’t want. It’s like having your own little cyberspace changing room. Without the badly fitting curtains and dodgy mirrors.

The best sites for shipping-and-return policies include Revolve, ASOS, Net-a-Porter and Topshop.

Now, get your cards out and go shop like you mean it.




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