pexels-photo-26549Research has finally found a demographic that prefers to buy its stuff in shops than online. Yep, it seems there are actually people out there who enjoy getting caught in the rain, missing their bus, elbowing through crowds and wearing their feet down to the marrow.

Strangely, they aren’t oldies. Nope, we’re talking about Generation Z. For the uninitiated (you Baby Boomers and Generation X-ers), that’s youngsters born from 1996 onwards. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers’ latest survey, these strange creatures enjoy going to stores with friends and family.

They like stuff. They prefer to have shiny things they can hold rather than enjoying ‘life experiences’. They’re big on smartphones (no, Sherlock!). And they use social media like it’s going out of fashion. Like it ever would.

Generation Z forms the largest demographic of all. Happily for online sellers, though, it’s the golden oldies who have the purchasing power.

There’s good news, though, for real-world retailers who can carry over their relationship with Generation Z from the physical store to online. That’s because Gen Z spends most of its waking hours surgically attached to its phone.

Retailers, real world or otherwise, need to understand what Generation Z is all about. So here are a few key insights from PwC so you can tap in:

  • Shopping for Generation Z is a social activity, so stores should give them items that reflect their identity
  • They’re after clothes, electronics, shoes, and gizmos.
  • Personal electronics are sacred.
  • Black Friday beats anything, ever.
  • They like to keep it real, so they favour real reviews, not advertising bluster.
  • They prefer images to words.
  • Role models are key.
  • They like brands that give to charity and have a social conscience.

You have been warned.

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