ipad-tablet-technology-touchE-commerce is the only trillion-dollar business in the world that’s still growing. Internet Retailer believes it will generate $400 billion+ every year by 2018.

If you’d like more than a sliver of that tasty pie, you’ll need to outwit the competition. That means giving your customers a smooth shopping experience. Which means no shonky web design, no undelivered promises, no images taken by your tea lady, and no product descriptions woollier than a woolly mammoth’s woolly socks.

Here are five things to watch out for.

1 Optimise your site for all platforms

Your website might look great on a PC, but hey, you can surf the web on a toaster these days. So make sure you’re optimised for tablets and smartphones. Even better, get yourself a more-integrated e-commerce platform with a shedload of applications and software that can speed up sales.

2 Make checking out easy

Don’t leave your customers floundering in a digital wasteland. Stick up a visual to let them know where they are in the checkout process. After all, in a real shop (remember those?), customers are always pretty aware of where the checkouts are.

3 Keep it pretty

Visuals are vital. Choose the right images to complement your text. Use video, too. Take attractive product shots, shot professionally (not by your ten-year-old daughter). Remember, customers can’t try your items, so let them at least visualise them clearly.

4 Offer live chat

Instant customer connection is vital. It’s also predicted by the ecommerce boffins to be the Big New Thing in 2017. Live chat is the way to go, giving customers instant answers just when they were about to fly-tip their trolley into a drainage ditch.

5 Offer free shipping

When people buy in the real world, they don’t have to pay to take stuff home. That would be a bit of a liberty. So, provide free shipping online and you’ll stand out like a strawberry in a bowl of offal. In 2017, all the signs are that an Amazon Prime-type experience will be standard.

Introduce an integrated software solution such as ReadyReturn and give customers a user-friendly portal.

If you need help keeping up with ecommerce technologies, get in touch with us.


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