shopping-cart-abandon-ss-1920 If you did it in real life, you’d be fined for fly-tipping. Yet 34% of UK online buyers are happy to abandon their shopping basket at checkout.

Why’s that? Well, it seems that shoppers get cold feet when they see how much they could be spending, according to new research by Royal Mail.

It seems like curious behaviour. Like taking up scuba diving, spending a fortune on all the kit, taking lessons in the local pool, then deciding the sea’s too chilly.

Other findings by the Royal Mail are that the toughest age group to convert from browsers to buyers are younger consumers (age 18 to 24) – 61% of these fickle millennials often dump their baskets at the digital wayside. That compares with just 39% of 35 to 44-year-olds.

Aside from parting with their cash, respondents’ other reasons for checkout paralysis included ‘just browsing’ (19%), finding a better deal elsewhere (9%), getting interrupted when placing their order (7%) and the item being out of stock (7%).

Nick Landon, Managing Director of Royal Mail Parcels, said, “The findings suggest that online shoppers often start off browsing online innocently – a term known as digital window shopping – get carried away by attractive offers and great product reviews, load up their baskets, proceed to checkout and then have an ‘oops moment’ when they see their total spend. This then prompts them to seek a better deal elsewhere or abandon the purchase completely.”

On the sunny side for digital retailers, the study also found that consumers are buying more often online than they did a year ago. The Royal Mail found a 14% increase in the number of times UK shoppers bought online.

Nick Landon added: “As online shopping frequency increases, so does the consumer’s expectations of their delivery experience. Fast delivery times, tracking, free returns and trust play an increasingly large role when online shoppers make their purchasing decision.”

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