Christmas is coming, the goose is loosening his belt, and Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. This year, these pre-Christmas spendfests are expected to set new records. So how do you get the most out of the biggest sales event on the planet?

Here are our top ten tips:

1 Always use cashback

Sainsburys-Nectar-card-an-014Getting money back on stuff you buy is a no-brainer, right? Well, no. Apparently 32% of Sainsbury’s shoppers, for example, don’t use a Nectar card.

Actually, we made that up, but it’s the kind of thing that might be true. Same thing applies to Tesco’s Clubcard.

These cards give you points that you can use to buy other stuff, either in-store or with partner businesses. Then there’s cashback through Quidco and Topcashback and certain credit cards, too.

So, c’mon – get with the programme. That’s if you don’t mind handing over all your personal details to Big Brother.

2 Get your online accounts in order

Get your ducks in a row by setting up online accounts well before the big day, so your details are already stored.

3 Haggle online

You might not love live chat, but it’s as good a place as Morocco’s Red City to haggle, without the mosques and mosquitos. It’s also pretty impersonal, since you’re speaking to a cyberbox. Just ask it nicely for a bit of a discount. Trust us, it works.

4 Pay with a credit card

credit4What? You can save money by paying with a credit card? Hey, maybe you can get thin by eating chocolate fudge brownies with chocolate buttercream frosting?

No, seriously, if anything goes wrong, your credit card company will cough up. Really. If nothing turns up or the goods aren’t as advertised, you’ll get your money back.

5 Try for an ‘abandoned cart’ discount

Be cheeky. Try logging in to a retailer’s website, then abandoning your cart and closing the window. If you’re lucky, and patient, you might get an email a few days later offering you money off the item.

6 Shop around

Just because you’ve got all excited about a discount doesn’t mean it’s not cheaper somewhere else. Use Google’s ‘shopping’ tab to see if you can save money.

7 Sign up for email 

Register for newsletters, because some retailers will give you Black Friday discounts in advance. You could get the best deals ahead of other customers. Use an email address you’re not that fond of, or you’ll drown in the inevitable river of spam.

We hope that these tips help you get the best deal out there!


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