The shops were shut on Christmas Day, but that didn’t stop you spending the national debt of Ecuador. Well done. Yep, on the holiest, shop-shuttiest day of all, you managed to get through a cool £805 million of online spending.


akamai-online-holiday-shopping-forecast-callout-1440-810That’s. Nearly. One. Billion. Pounds. On a day when, in the not-so-distant past, you’d have been able to spend only 95-and-a-half pence at the corner shop on that jar of Bisto you forgot.

The £805 million wasn’t down to just you exclusively. Obviously. That would have been a bit mental. Unless your name’s W Buffet. No, the total refers to the whole of the UK. The figures come from search-intelligence advertising-technology company Captify.

“With a record £805 million being spent on Christmas Day this year, consumers no longer want to wait for the ‘sales’ to officially start on Boxing Day. Shopping online on Christmas Day is now as traditional as a ham-and-turkey dinner in the UK,” Chief Executive Dom Joseph said.

Er, who has ham with their turkey? Apart from our Dom.

That aside, there’s even more good news for online retailers. Captify also expects a record £984 million to have been spent on Boxing Day. This maintains its hard-won spot as the most-popular post-Christmas shopping day among UK consumers.

“Consumers have and always will vote with their wallets and thanks to online shopping they are more informed than ever before due to the wealth of information available at their fingertips.

“Online retailers know this and also know they have to offer genuine bargains on days such as Boxing Day, or risk losing customers to competitors,” Joseph said.

He also pointed to the fact that online retailers have a ‘distinct advantage’ on Christmas Day because their bricks-and-mortar competition are all shut.

“This actually gives them a great head start over their bricks-and-mortar rivals for the entire Christmas sales period,” he said.

Captify also reports that more than half of online sales last year were made through mobile devices. That figure is likely to rise this year, with more than half of Christmas online sales being made on mobile phones for the first time ever.

Merry Christmas, everybody, and a new year full of equally prolific spending.



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