Sharing regular photos with your Facebook followers are a thing of the past. The future now revolves around interactive 360 pictures. They are the best way to get your potential customers interacting with your page, offering them a great view of your business and services, and enticing them to visit your shop or website.


A 360-degree image allows your followers to see an image from every angle – above, bellow, to the right, to the left – placing them at the centre of the experience, making it more immersive for those how see it. Instead of sharing an image that is boring and flat, this kind of image offer a 3D effect and much more inviting. It draws viewers into the scene and makes them feel like they are a part of the experience, instead of just reliving someone else’s experience.

Here are a couple of ideas to use this feature to promote your business:

  • Virtual tour of your establishment to drive foot traffic

Share a 360 photo of your establishment from the customer’s perspective to drum up interest and engagement. Although crowds look great to show your business is busy, they don’t work so well when it comes to 360 images, as the scene can result in poor-quality and do more harm than good. Try taking a picture while your shop is still closed and there isn’t any movement for best results.

  • Share an image of your location

If your location is particularly hard to pin down on the map and you have customers frequently asking where you’re located, assist your customers by taking a 360 image from outside your shopfront to help show people exactly where you are, then share the photo on your Facebook page. Next time customers call to ask you where you are, you can share a link to the 360 image that you shared.

  • Use teaser images to build excitement

Launching a new product? Not sure how to promote it to build excitement? How about giving a sneak peek with a 360 image to build energy level during your pre-launch campaign?

  • Get your followers to interact

If you are having trouble coming up with new, innovative ideas, to use this feature to promote your business, consider asking your followers to send in their own Facebook 360 images and give away a prize for the best picture. Create a campaign with its own hashtag such as #BUSINESSNAME360 and ask your fans to use it to enter the competition.

  • Share your menu / virtual billboard

The fact is, this features possibilities are endless! You can use this feature to your advantage in nearly every shape or form, and you don’t need to have a physical shop to do this. Consider sharing your services on a virtual billboard, or share a virtual menu to get your followers taste buds going.


Tools you need to share a 360-picture:

To share picture without any artwork on, you can take a panoramic image by simply using your phone or tablet. However, to share images that are branded or graphical (such as virtual billboards, menus etc) this requires other software and can be complicated to use for us mere mortals who don’t know how to code. Luckily our talented social media team not only create this kind of engaging content, but can promote them for you so you don’t have to worry your social media campaign.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help in your social campaign. Our friendly advice is completely free.

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