www.usnews.comAn amazing 32% of shoppers around the world would rather wash dishes or clothes than venture into an actual shop, according to new Capgemini report.

Hmm, wonder what’s behind that? Could it be the impossibility of parking, the trolleys with wonky wheels, the over-attentive staff, the under-attentive staff, the checkout queues, the aisle-blockers, the crowds, the rain, the endless trying-on of five different sizes, the where-the-hell-did-I-leave-my-car? the heavy bags… the sheer unmitigated hell of shopping.

‘Making the Digital Connection: Why Physical Retail Stores Need a Reboot’, which surveyed 500 retail executives and 6,000 shoppers around the world in November, also found that 40% of shoppers see in-store shopping as a chore.

It seems that real-world retail is failing to stack up against e-commerce, where you loll around on the sofa eating nachos while scrolling through a world of lovely products. Then a man in smart brown overalls kindly whisks these to your door, sometimes within minutes.

‘Consumers are bringing their online expectations – personalized and hassle-free shopping – into the store,’ the report said. ‘However, our research shows that stores are struggling to meet these heightened expectations.’

One of the key issues with stores, which 71% of the sample complained about, is the inability to easily compare products.

So what can retailers do to woo the disgruntled away from their iPads, nachos and sofas?

Well, 75% of shoppers say they want to see what a store has in stock before venturing onto the premises, Capgemini’s data shows. So maybe retailers could improve the store inventory that they put online?

And what about the 54% of executives surveyed who say they don’t feel like stores are doing enough to adapt to the digital age?

Capgemini says, ‘Introducing technology into the overall consumer experience for physical stores will be key to addressing these falling satisfaction levels. Among consumers who visited stores offering digital technologies, 59% found them useful and 50% use them frequently.’

In the UK, 37% see real-world shopping as a chore. Here are the figures from the rest of the world:

  • Sweden: 54% view as a chore; 47% would rather wash dishes or clothes
  • Spain: 49%, 37%
  • Netherlands: 47%, 35%
  • Italy: 42%, 39%
  • UK: 37%, 22%
  • France: 40%, 41%
  • Germany: 40%, 32%
  • US: 31%, 17%
  • China: 29%, 22%
  • Average among the nine countries: 40%, 32%

But enough of this. I have some lovely dishes to scrub.

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