With St Patrick’s day fast approaching, you will want to create your own luck by following these 7 marketing charms, which will increase your e-Commerce sales and help you capitalize on the holiday spirit.


1. Go Green21469182b92d4c81ad1244f40bea5232
Everyone is going to go completely green to promote their St Patrick’s Day sale. In our opinion, this colour should only be used to highlight important call to actions and prices. Instead of plastering green everywhere, your website should stay true to your brand’s look and feel, and your brand should be recognizable through your marketing publicity.




2. Extend your deal until the end of the weekendde80d4baf8f5b21bb494263547ac6362
This year St Patrick’s day falls on March 17th – which is a Friday! Ideal opportunity to extend your sale dates to include the weekend. If you sell novelty products such as “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirts, you will of course want to start sooner.





3. Feature anything that is related to Irelandhomepage-StPatricksDay-40OffSitewide-SpringSkinCare2012
You can feature items that are simply share the colour green or anything relevant to Ireland. If you don’t have anything relative to offer, use the lucky number 7 as part of your marketing campaign, such as £7 products, 17% discount or free shipping when consumers spend £77 or more. Or try offering a “Pot of Gold” gift certificate that people can purchase ahead of time.



4. Create a sense of urgencyheader-st-patrick-day-coupon-520x245
Give your customers timed incentives, and create a sense of urgency to get the shopping NOW. You can tie this in with our tip above, for example: “Shop before 7pm to get a 17% discount”.




5. Luck of the Irish promotumblr_m0l776KsqO1qag6tb
Keeping with the St. Patrick’s theme, ask customers to try their luck on your website. Try listing a mystery box that offers a mix of products, or even offer a surprise gift with every online purchase. You can incorporate this to your social media campaign by asking your audience to share a picture of themselves in green with the reasons why they feel lucky. Get your staff to share their own pics to, and don’t forget to use trending hashtags to get maximum visibility.



Baileys_kiss_9406. Share your spirit
Now that you have a St. Patrick’s Day marketing strategy in place, don’t forget to promote your discount on your social media pages. You will want to incentivize your followers to help share the promotion. Try sticking with the ‘lucky’ theme and add caption such as “Tag your luckiest friend for a chance to win a product!”. Keep an eye on the big boys and watch how they nail their St. Patrick’s day promos. Bailey’s and Guinness run very successful campaign during the month of March, and although you may not have their endless budget, you can certainly learn from their success.


7. Measure your success
At the end of the campaign you will want to know where your traffic has come from. Use difference coupon codes for each campaign to help measure your success. Try FBLUCKY for Facebook, IGCLOVER for Instagram, 7GOLD for email marketing. This is a great way to help you plan better for future marketing campaigns.

Don’t feel you have the luck of the Irish on your side when it comes to digital marketing? Don’t worry, our team of experts can help you get ready for the holiday and help increase your online sales. Get in touch with us today to find out how.

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