pexels-photosocialmediaSocial media platforms are a great way to grow your business. With it, you are able to attract new customers and strengthen your relationship with exist clients. It’s also a great way to learn about your customers’ needs and help them see how your business can satisfy their needs. So this week we are looking at our top tips on how to use Social media to engage with your customers.




  1. Finding your customers

Before you can start engaging with your existing clientele, you need to find them. There are several ways you can do this: ask your sales rep to find out from their leads which social media platform they use the most; send out a survey to your customers and ask them directly; or – the most effective way – closed loop marketing, which is tracking your customer from lead source through customer acquisition. If all else fails, the general rule is if you are B2B (business to business) – use LinkedIn. If you are B2C (business to customer) then use Facebook.


  1. Add customers to your platforms

After you find where your clients engage, you will want to add them to your network on the social media platform of their preference. If you don’t already have one, create a business profile on that social network. Note that to promote your business – you should create a professional page, and not a personal profile. After you have done that, promote your social media account by using the link in your email signature, business cards, adverts, flyers etc. You can also invest in some PPC adverts and promote your page by marketing it to your target market to build up an audience.


  1. Create great content

It’s not enough to just have a business profile. You need to have a voice. And you need to come across as interesting to get your audience engaging with your page. Content is king on social media, so don’t just share company news or promotions, otherwise you will come across as spam. Share valuable content that your audience will want to see, but that is relevant to your business. You can then work in some marketing messages on occasion.


  1. Grow your network

Now that you are sharing great content with your existing followers, you will want to continue to grow your network to expand your reach. You also need your network to engage with your customers to they feel special. This doesn’t mean sending them messages and posting on their wall like you have been friends since childhood. Try asking your followers questions relevant to your business to get a conversation going. Follow your customers and occasionally promote their blogs, social posts or re-tweet something they have said. It’s so important to monitor your social platforms for any mentions so you can respond.


  1. Don’t give up

Often the most part in any aspects of marketing, is waiting to see if you are getting results. Be patient as it takes time to start seeing results. To do all the above steps is better will take time, and won’t happen overnight. But once you have started, don’t stop. If anything, just remember that your competitor is doing the same thing. If you are not seeing the results you want, try changing your approach until you see improvements. The benefits will be well worth it.


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