pexels-photoA new study analysing the effectiveness of ecommerce videos has discovered that mute videos work just as well as voiced versions.

This effectively calls into question the entire copywriting industry. It seems that thousands of bow-tied wallies being paid considerable sums to hammer out words and scripts might as well go and get a proper job doing real things.

Welding is good and I believe there’s money to be made in scaffolding, Jasper.

Author of the study Alex Connock of Endemol Shine North wanted to examine how differing editorial treatment and length would impact the customer journey.

He said, “The ecommerce industry in the UK is growing fast and is currently about £160 billion. Online video is growing exponentially as a content industry and growing also fast as a component within the ecommerce industry, and 29% of our respondents said that they had already directly matched video viewing to purchase. So it’s a good place to be working.”

As well as proving what a complete load of gubbins the copywriting industry is, the study also found that:

  • Short videos work the best
  • Content must be engaging
  • Videos with people work better
  • Branded content works better than a hard sell
  • Marketing multiple items works well and leads to more ‘buy’
  • Wait until the video ends before offering ‘click to buy’.

Connock added, “What didn’t surprise me was that short videos do very well as drivers to purchase, as I think we have seen that worldwide. But what was surprising was HOW short that took effect. Notably 15 seconds resoundingly beat 40 seconds as a shoppable video length,” added Connock.

“Nor did it surprise me that branded content did so well as a driver of purchase, as it was clear from work I did at LADbible (where I was head of video for a period last year) and elsewhere, that lighter forms of brand integration do better than hard sell.

The research also found that user-generated content ranked badly as a driver of purchase and that putting price in the video made people less likely to buy. It seems with that, and how relatively badly the hard-sell approach worked, there’s a time and a place for a hard sell, and it is not e-commerce video.

So get off your yacht deck, put out your cigar and sack your sound engineer. Oh, and that lad-di-da copywriter.

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