6 rules for cross-border e-commerce

Cleaned up in the UK? Or wherever you happen to be? It’s time to set your sights on the wider world of e-commerce. However, you should note that the world won’t come to you. It has better things to do.
So here are some globe-conquering e-commerce strategies. Bonne chance.

1 Get a cosmopolitan website  

Want to expand your brand? You’ll need a website that crosses international borders. That means looking at the domain name, currency payment options and more.
SEO-wise, you’ll need to set up new IP addresses (such as ‘.de’ for Germany), adjust image tags and write engaging content for your new fans.

2 Get locally focused
They don’t celebrate Christmas in Morocco. And they won’t be buying any bikinis in New Zealand in July. So get to know your local markets, customs, annual celebrations and seasons. Great market research will help you nail your key demographics.

3 Get social
Of course, you’ve got an amazing international social media strategy in place already, haven’t you? You haven’t? Had you considered a career as a lighthouse keeper?
Social media is vital. Look at which sites and blogs are most relevant to your niche. Analyse what your competitors are doing and how they project themselves. Then see if you could do more.

4 Get automated

Automate everything you can. Find an e-commerce platform that allows you to open an online store internationally, adjust your language and currency settings and sync it all with your social media.

5 Automate your ad data
Explore ad platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, then automate your spend and response data using funnel.io from one dashboard.

6 Make personal relationships  
Your customers might be in far-flung places but that shouldn’t stop you getting your passport out and meeting them at trade shows and exhibitions. You’ll get to know them and their unique needs much better.

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