It’s more than an identity, and graphic design is merely the language, a brand is the complete end to end customer experience. Get it right and your customers are just that… yours and nobody elses.

Stand for something

Crowded marketplaces mean you have to compete harder to get to talk to your customers, but you don’t have to shout louder to be heard, you just have to say something worthwhile.

Here at Pixel by Pixel we have the expertise to create brand experiences from inception to seamless delivery all under one roof. Our branding expertise allows us to unlock and tell compelling brand stories in unique and effective ways, excellence in real world and digital delivery allow us to tell those stories with passion and conviction.

How we do it

We do this by listening, two ears, one mouth and all that.

Our integrated structure allows us to translate what we learn into viable brand mechanisms that work through all of your communications channels.

From ink to pixels, from reputation to social interaction.

We don’t use trendy formulas or have our own “patented brand approach” because every client is different, every customer base has varied needs and requirements, every market is unique.

So we need to be agile enough to create brand stories that are
appropriate and relevant to your needs. Only bespoke branding
solutions can really deliver truly effective results.

Who do you love?

We work with a huge range of clients, from the worlds biggest soft drinks brand through to micro businesses. From global couriers to local start ups, and that’s the way we like it. It keeps us fresh and energised, we get a huge kick from helping brands achieve their potential regardless of size or scale, that’s why we come to work in the morning, and why we live and breathe your brand just as much as you do.

We’re big enough to cope with any challenge, and small enough to care passionately about every one of our clients.

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Identity development & delivery
Casco Pet

The art of display

We can’t claim any credit, for The global success of Casco Pet, but what we can do is celebrate the fact that we have helped them reposition their burgeoning business with clarity and conviction. Their growth into a leading supplier and manufacturer of Pet Retail Display mechanisms across several territories left them with a diverse set of communications with confused identities. Our job was to create a renewed clarity of identity and purpose, alongside a consolidated global online multi territory web presence.

The work refocused on what made Casco Pet such a success in the first place, beautiful, functional display backed up with excellent customer service and after sales support.

Beautiful imagery backed up with an engaging personality lead to a revitalisation in their advertising. Rationalisation of colour palettes and typefaces alongside a newly created marque gave them a branding framework that accurately reflected both their current reality and future aspirations of their business.

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Casco Branding

Brand building

Let’s get personal

Sometimes the small stories are the most powerful, and they just get stronger in the telling. Dom and Luca are Founder Paul’s sons, so when he started his coffee retail business it just seemed natural to cal it after what he cares about the most in this world.

Who are we to argue? In fact, we encouraged him to pursue this idea of making coffee personal so we used his own handwriting as a starting point for the identity. After all he was already writing on the cups.

Not a fancy or clever story but sometimes branding just boils down to a truth told well.

Oh and by the way, those two little coffee beans at the bottom? That takes us back to the beginning and Paul’s two young sons.

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Story telling
Worthing Birdman

Fly my pretties!

Building brands means telling stories and that’s where we came in, We created a huge buzz around birdman through social media, by creating content that celebrated the uniquely eccentric nature of the event, from twitter posts to video editing, facebook pages and the like all helped to raise the profile of the event to fever pitch.

In fact we got so caught up in it and loved the experience so much we sponsored it, and Chris our Founder even went so far as to plummet from the pier himself! Go big or go home.

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Brand enablers
Flare Audio

Flare Audio Home Page

It’s all kicking off

Getting your communication right can make all the difference. Flare Audio had it all, ground breaking technology, beautiful products, a purposeful vision and above all driving ambition.

But even when you have all that you need help to get your communications right and get them out there and fast! What we brought to the party was an ability to give them the platform to communicate, collaborate and above all sell, sell ,sell.

Our web build helped them smash their Kickstarter campaign target.

The beautiful photography showcasing their remarkable products helped give voice to their aspirations. Combined with a seamless online customer experience we helped reinforce the credibility of their fledgling brand and ensured that their business got off to a flying start.

It’s this type of pragmatism combined with an understanding of how to realise brand visions into real and digital communications that give our clients such an advantage in their respective marketplaces.

A record to be proud of

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