The Pixel By Pixel Guide to Social Media

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We offer a full social media service

The fast evolution of social networking has revolutionised the way we communicate online, both as individuals and as businesses, and has added a new dimension to your possibilities for effective, low-cost marketing.

However, it isn’t every kind of business that can benefit from all the social media options available.

We offer a full social media service

Running a blog in tandem with a Twitter feed. Maintaining a Facebook page and your LinkedIn profile. Updating Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit. Then there’s Flickr. Pinterest… and, clearly, a point is soon reached where your time might be better spent attending to your core business.
Before dipping your toe in the water of social media marketing, it pays first to be aware of the way the media function and their various codes of etiquette – for example, when to retweet or Direct Message, who to follow and what not to like.


A blog is potentially a great way to mix relevant news about your business with industry news, and a constant flow of fresh content can help drive your website up the search rankings.

We can design and create your blog, submit it to search engines and even blog on your behalf, reposting to Facebook and Twittering about your latest posts and so as to extend your reach.


The latest craze in social media has the potential to build your business a large following – the trick is to with the right mix of sales and fun content that’s relevant both to your company and current trends.

By monitoring relevant Hashtags and posting relevant tweets, we can ensure your business is at the forefront of current issues and mentioned regularly.

We can custom design your Twitter page. We can also monitor your company’s profile on Twitter, ensuring when your product or service is mentioned, its responded to.


Facebook is great for unobtrusive customer interaction, and holds the potential for your marketing content going viral via fans’ news feeds, driving significant traffic to your page.

We can set up custom pages, post for you and monitor your page. We can develop bespoke apps and synchronise Facebook with your blog and Twitter.

Your own news site

We can supply news content generated for the other social media sites for use on your own website or marketing emails…

Social discovery sites

…and we can submit it to social discovery sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon and Reddit.


We can maintain your company profile on LinkedIn, ensuring you build connections to other companies interested in your services.

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Allow us to explain the features and potential benefits these sites may hold for you – and together we can formulate an optimal strategy taking into account the suitability of your potential content, your available time, budget and opportunity costs.

Pixel By Pixel’s Guide to Social Media for Your Business takes you through the basics of the various options, and shows how they may be linked together as part of an integrated marketing strategy.

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