Point of Sale

Tailored to CS-Cart

Merchant POS that works with both your online and high-street presences

Running your business both online and on the high-street requires the bringing together of different hardware and software solutions.  These systems do no always communicate and often require manual effort to ensure accuracy.

Here at Pixel By Pixel we have combined our in-depth CS-Cart understanding with the Clover POS hardware, enabling you to streamline your business and management processes.

Stock Control

By incorporating your POS software with your website you can always be sure of your stock levels.  Accessing your CS-Cart admin, you will be able to monitor all of your stock on hand.  With the further applications available you can also report on your stock level efficiency across both markets, maximising your businesses performance.


The reporting capabilities from combining your hardware requirements gives both managers and business owners insights into operational reports and business metrics.


Manage all your items, categories and modifiers in one place that then communicates across all your business outlets.


Software and Hardware

We offer full ongoing software support, allowing you to maintain your business performance.  All your POS data is also stored securely on Cloud backup, so even if you lose your device or accidently damage it, your data is retrievable from your computer.

Commerce Sync

Simplify your accounting with Commerce Sync, automatically transfer sales information from your till station and CS-Cart site to your accounting solution, saving valuable time and eliminating costly errors.

Contactless Payments

Fully EMV compliant for both chip cards and contactless cards and, both the station and mobile POS units accept in-person and in-app payments for Apple Pay.

Happy Hour

Manage discounts for categories of items by time ranges and days of the week for short and long term promotions across all your selling platforms.


Backed by First Data, the world’s leading payment processor, the Clover units are all PCI compliant so you don’t have to worry about noncompliance fines.  The Clover’s proprietary pivot arm also lets you rotate the touch screen unit seamlessly to a customer-facing view when presenting the display for signature. The customer facing view restricts what the customer can see and access, keeping all your sensitive data safe.

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