CASCO Pet were in need of a much anticipated rebrand. This focused on a new name, new identity and brand new website to bring together the once separate elements of Casco Europe.


The Globe represents the now global reach of CASCO Pet, the three sections represent the three balanced environments that CASCO Pet engineering can provide as habitats. The segments are divided by an organic swirl that can represent a fish tail, bird tail or flora.


With the new branding in place the website design was able to bring all of the new elements together for the first time. The design focused on clear and simple navigation with strong close up imagery of small animals to illustrate the art of display.


Our development team worked tirelessly to develop the eight different store fronts in five different languages that contained bespoke elements such as the custom tank builder. Using CS-Cart as a platform it allowed us to house Casco pet’s huge range of products and ensured it worked across all devices.


Using Mailchimp we were able to design and develop a custom newsletter that incorporated all of the new branding and design elements from the website. The bespoke template allowed for easy editing with flexible content sections to ensure it was suitable for all different amounts of content.


As with all of our clients, we are always available for on-going support. Trouble with emails, website crashing and things not working happens, we’ve all been there. Our continued support allows for our relationships with clients to always develop.

Casco Web Layout
Casco Fonts and Imagery
Casco On iPad

The beautiful art of display.


CASCO Pet are the leading pet retail experts with teams based in the UK, Europe, and USA. We were delighted to work with them to create their new identity and to make sure they had the best possible start with their new name. Alongside the branding and web based work we also created a series of advertisements with creative and distinctive copy that set them apart from their competitors in terms of style, design and approach.

Casco Guidelines
Casco Small Banner 2
Casco Small Banner
Casco Small Banner 3
Casco Pet On Devices