Domluca are experienced in coffee. They create unique blends from creative flavours and strive to suit all tastes that is formed with passion.


The name Domluca was created by combining the names of the business owner Pauls two sons, “Dom” & “Luca”. This personal touch formed the basis of the concept for Domluca’s branding.


The logo was created to reflect Paul’s own style of handwriting. This allowed for his brand mark to be applied to the various amounts of products and ensured that his personality always came across.


The branding was applied to various products ranging from coffee bean bags to take away cups. A repeat pattern was created made out of the two small bean shaped circles which represents Paul’s two sons, and is a nod to the old logo design.


Using the brand we have created we are in the process of finalising Domluca’s website. The supporting imagery which was decided at the beginning of the project plays a major role in the design. We will be uploading this design soon.


As Domluca’s brand continues to grow and develop their new branding will be developing alongside them. Flexibility within the colour palette and fonts allows for their brand to always be fresh and modern.

Dom Luca Palette and Textures
Example of Dom Luca coffee cups with branding

Experienced in Coffee


Domluca coffee has grown rapidly over the past few years and is continuing to expand. Developing their coffee range and fine-tuning their customers’ coffee needs has seen many customers embarking on their own coffee journey with bespoke blends. Coffee is Domluca’s passion and producing quality coffee is our priority.

Dom Luca coffee menu
Dom Luca Stamp
Lemon cake and coffee
Dom Luca logo
A cup of coffee

There are exciting times ahead for Domluca with the launch of many of their wholesale coffee blends into the retail coffee market. They have been continually asked to provide smaller retail coffee packs to the home user, so Domluca retail is being created.

Example of Dom Luca branding