Flare Audio have spent the last few years re-inventing how we listen and don’t listen to sound. Our mission was to reposition them from an industry to consumer focused proposition through their web presence.


Stripped back and precise leveraging the core Flare Audio design collateral, whilst adding personality through typography, copy writing and photography to give a completely rounded customer experience.


Everything about their CSCart site was custom developed, giving them a totally unique site that functions with clarity and integrity, just like their products.


By using CS-Cart Flare Audio were able to add and upload their products with the easy to use CMS. Stock numbers, product specifications and delivery information is just a small example of how easy it is to control a store using this software.


We launched this new site right at the beginning of their Kickstarter campaign. We knew that a lot of traffic would be coming directly from their social media campaigns, so we ensured that their site worked across all devices to ensure maximum exposure.


As with all of our clients, we are always available for on-going support. Trouble with emails, website crashing and things not working happens, we’ve all been there. Our continued support allows for our relationships with clients to always develop.


With the ability to select products through material, colour, and function the web platform has enabled Flare Audio to build on their kick starter success and create a truly best in class retail experience that has seen massive launch success.

Long Live Flare Audio


Ahead of the curve, ahead of the competition… music to our ears.

Sonically invisible loudspeakers.


Flare Audio is a British loudspeaker technology company who believe that artists and engineers, not loudspeakers, should create sound. We created them a website that would allow for their passion and creativity within the music loudspeaker industry to really shine.

There are exciting times ahead for Flare Audio, they smashed their Kickstarter campaign and they began their journey into the retail environment. We are excited to continue working with them and seeing their website and brand develop.