South Coast Gym are a weight specialist gym located in West Sussex. They pride themselves on being open and available to all types of people and strive for excellence in personal fitness.


The branding is based around South Coast Gym’s belief in everyone being able to join a gym without feeling the pressure to be like everyone else. We used imagery to convey different sets of people and a strong colour palette to set them apart.


The logo was centred around strong typography and defined lines to reflect South Coast Gym’s belief in fitness and defined shape. This allowed for their values to be represented in all aspects.


Using the brand elements we created a design that allowed for users to find information about the gym including important areas such as the equipment, pricing and opening times. WordPress is a great way for our clients to manage the day to day running of their site.


The branding was applied to various products ranging from clothing, gym equipment, bags and the exterior signage. We believe strongly in versatility of a logo, being able to apply the design to numerous surfaces and materials defines the success of the logo.


As South Coast Gym’s brand continues to grow and develop their new branding will be developing alongside them. Flexibility within the colour palette and fonts allows for their brand to always be fresh and modern.

South Coast Gym palletes and textures
South Coast Gym fonts and imagery
South Coast Gym Hanging Sign

An independent gym that counts


South Coast Gym are a privately owned independent Gym that offers a wide range of functional fitness and training facilities within the local area, using traditional platform delivery. The great thing about South Coast Gym is that it is suitable for all ages and abilities. This wide market appeal was an important message for us to get across in the branding and website design.

South Coast Gym Website Pages
South Coast Gym Hoodie
South Coast Gym Inside Gym
South Coast Gym Logo
South Coast Gym homepage

Alongside their branding and website we also took care of their flyer printing, banners and signage. We feel it is important to look after all aspects of our clients branding to ensure consistency across all areas.

South Coast Gym on different displays