Worthing Birdman is a flight competition for human powered flying machines, held each summer in Worthing on England’s South Coast. Many flyers take part to raise money for charities.


In 2015 we proudly sponsored this event and coordinated their social media campaign building up to the weekend to increase their current following.


We used social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to engage with existing followers and to attract new ones, by creating unique and engaging content.


Using existing video footage, we created new videos to entice and excite Worthing Birdman’s followers. Video content has seen a huge increase in audience engagement.


We designed a series of promotional posts which included infographics and photos from past events. The posts were counting down to the weekend to create a sense of urgency and excitement leading up to the big weekend.


Our campaign reached over 12,000 people on a weekly basis and saw Worthing Birdman’s social channels increase in followers over the course of the campaign. Our videos saw over 7,000 views in a week alone.

Worthing Birdman social accounts
Birdman Promotional Material Example