Web Development

If what your business needs is a simple webpage that catches the eye at a range of 1-50 metres and effectively lists your claims against an irresistible backdrop of fluffy kittens, then we’d be happy to help you realise your vision.

However, as a businesses grow, our experiece shows that they tend to rely ever more heavily on their web presence – using it as a tool not only to attract new business but to communicate with existing and potential customers, or as an e-commerce base.

We undertake the full website development process from initial website design and programming to finished site maintenance and SEO.

We can build anything from blogs to large social sites and JavaScript applications using the very latest technologies.

Here’s just a few:

  • PHP (Including most Frameworks)
  • ASP.NET, Classic ASP, C#
  • MySQL, Microsoft Access
  • JavaScript (Object Oriented Applications, All Frame-
    works including jQuery)
  • Content Management Systems (WordPress etc.)
  • 3rd Party Integrations (Paypal, Facebook etc.)
  • eCommerce Platforms (CS-Cart specialists)
  • Windows Phone, Windows 8, WPF
  • Flash Actionscript 2.0/3.0

New site?
E-commerce retrofit?
Tweaks to an existing site?

Please do give us a call to discuss your requirements – our friendly advice is free.


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